Caravan and Camping Show at the NEC in Birmingham

Caravan and Camping Show at the NEC in Birmingham – In life there are many things to enjoy, but I enjoy the small things the most. So, what do I mean when I say small things?

CaravanThis can be walking the kids to school, playing cars with my boys or tea party with my daughter and funny enough with three children under the age of 6 going out for the day where a museum or car show, with the three of them this is less stressful than just taking my daughter out on her own. Having had the boys first I was use to their ways and generally relaxed with me. So, I took Harlow to the caravan and camping show at the NEC in Birmingham on her own while to boys had preschool and school, it started off great but then quickly spiraled out of control towards the end.

Harlow has the strongest will power and when she does not want to do anything that is the end of it, mardy was not the word and consoling her was not an option. As a parent you know your own child and you will always have that one person you meet that knows best, so bearing in mind Harlow was in full blown tantrum due to tiredness and just had enough of looking at caravans which to be fair there is only so many you can look at. We push on with Harlow Crying and proceed to the exit, we were going anyway so we didn’t just say that’s it the babies crying we need to go, I am as stubborn as Harlow umm……… maybe that’s where she gets it from.

Caravan and Camping Show, family fun

CaravanSo, while walking out some lovely lady knew best and says to me she just needs a cuddle, my face changed at her overwhelming knowledge she knew my child best. I had already tried that, she sat on shoulders, she cried! Held her in my arms, she cried! Put in push chair, she cried! Gave her a drink, she cried looked to see if she needed changing she didn’t! so we pushed on to the carpark and get in the car, put her in her car seat boom, fell asleep, the car seat is magic. After that me quickly moved on to grab food before we headed home and hoped the sleep Harlow would get would fed her well before we got to Frankie and Benny’s.

Attached to the blog you can see our experience of the caravan show plus our day at Gaydon Motor Museum with the three I must say the experience we had there was awesome we played lego and got our craft skills in action, I managed to get some photography of the cars ready for Instagram posts and see some truly awesome cars! A great day out for the family if you are looking to escape the cold and wear your little ones out! It worked for me!

So, I leave this blog with a couple of thoughts of where I take this Vlog / Blog, I don’t want to just create for the sake of creating and with having a young family we often look and think on how best to entertain them, so maybe this will be the course to go.

I will start with this video and add all the links so you can enjoy the experience as we did enjoy!


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