Aerial Photography

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Aerial PhotographyOur Aerial photography or drone option has been developed with speed and flexibility in mind. What’s more, we create stunning aerial films and photos in no time at all. Which can then be used for whatever purpose you would like! Whether they are to be used as part of a Time Lapse project or as a standalone piece, we can suit your needs.

Furthermore, we are CAA licensed, based centrally in the midlands. However, our work can be carried out all over the UK and throughout the world if required. Our aerial set up allows us to take full control of both the aircraft and the camera angle. This enabls us to shoot the very best footage possible.

Examples our expertise can be used for

  • Construction site progress reporting.
  • Utility inspections for powerline and telecommunications.
  • Wayleave claims for land damage caused. Or to prevent expensive incorrect claims, documenting and protecting your business.
  • Structure investigation for the likes of bridges and building where access on foot or by platforms are difficult or you need to access quickly.
  • Solar panel inspections.
  • Canals, rivers and dams inspection – we document and record conditions of banks and important structures. Again, in difficult areas to access to keep the waterways safe and aid maintenance.
  • Photography for reporting or recording invasive species.
  • Property photography, this can be for a hotel or a spectacular property wanting professional imagery. This can be used for websites and social media purposes. Or for and estate agent wanting that special view point highlighting the area the property resides.
  • Security for premises, have a large amount of land that has unauthorised intruders? We can use drone deployment, deploy, report, capture to aid in a prosecution and stop unwanted visitors.

Aerial Photography and Drones

Our drone set up gives us the ability to shoot incredibly high-quality images, whether that is a film or still photography.
Additionally, aerial photography is always an incredible way to capture parts of your project. However, when combined with all our other techniques and some film, the results are fantastic.

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